volume 149, issue 1-2, P2-24 2007
DOI: 10.1016/j.combustflame.2006.12.014
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J.C.G. Andrae, P. Björnbom, R.F. Cracknell, G.T. Kalghatgi

Abstract: A detailed chemical kinetic model for the autoignition of toluene reference fuels (TRF) is presented. The toluene submechanism added to the Lawrence Livermore Primary Reference Fuel (PRF) mechanism was developed using recent shock tube autoignition delay time data under conditions relevant to HCCI combustion. For two-component fuels the model was validated against recent high-pressure shock tube autoignition delay time data for a mixture consisting of 35% n-heptane and 65% toluene by liquid volume. Important …

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