DOI: 10.1002/chin.200740073
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Elin Abraham,
Jason W. B. Cooke,
Stephen G. Davies
et al.

Abstract: Aminocarboxylic acids (hydrazinocarboxylic acids) and esters P 0270Asymmetric Synthesis of 4-Amino-γ-butyrolactones via Lithium Amide Conjugate Addition.-The conjugate addition of homochiral lithium amide (II) to α,β-unsaturated esters or amides and subsequent deprotection and cyclization reactions to γ-butyrolactones or β-lactams is investigated (to be continued). -(ABRAHAM, E.; COOKE, J. W. B.; DAVIES*, S. G.; NAYLOR, A.; NICHOLSON, R. L.; PRICE, P. D.; SMITH, A. D.; Tetrahedron 63 (2007) 26, 5855-5872; Che…

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