DOI: 10.17265/2159-5828/2016.04.003
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Atia Arzoo, Akhtari Khatoon, Sandeep Kumar Nayak, Ashirbad Mohapatra, Kunja Bihari Satapathy

Abstract: Abstract: Hyptis suaveolens (L.) Poit. is an invasive alien weed commonly known as "Bana tulsi" in Odisha belonging to the family Lamiaceae and widely distributed in different parts of India. The leaves of the plant have been reported to be used as stimulant, carminative, sudorific and also as a cure for parasitic cutaneous diseases besides the crude leaf extract is reported to be used against colic and stomach-ache. The leaves are the source of different alkaloids, terpenes and volatile oils having allelopat…

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