volume 49, issue 1, P3-13 2007
DOI: 10.1002/jctb.280490103
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Abstract: The acid-resistant fungus Scytalidium acidophilum A T C C 26774 was cultivated in submerged fermentation in hydrolysates of Sphagnum peat moss produced with H2S04, HCl, H N 0 3 and H 3 P 0 , acids. Hydrolysis with H2S04 produced the highest concentration of total carbohydrates and reducing sugars in the hydrolysates. However, when Scytalidium acidophilum ATCC 26774 was grown in undiluted hydrolysates, the H @ , medium produced the best mycelial growth. The H2S04 medium produced the highest dry biomass concent…

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