volume 39, issue 13, P2944-2954 2005
DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2005.04.050
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Hülya Genç-Fuhrman, Henrik Bregnhøj, David McConchie

Abstract: This study describes experiments in which sorption filters, filled with chemically modified red mud (Bauxsol) or activated Bauxsol (AB) coated sand, are used to remove As(V) (arsenate) from water. Bauxsol-coated sand (BCS) and AB-coated sand (ABCS) are prepared by mixing Bauxsol or AB with wet sand and drying. Samples of the BCS and ABCS are also used in batch experiments to obtain isotherm data. The observed adsorption data fit the Langmuir model well, with adsorption maxima of 3.32 and 1.64 mgg(-1) at pH val…

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