volume 167, issue 12, P1000-1011 2019
DOI: 10.1111/eea.12860
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Rong‐Rong Shi, Bai‐Ge Miao, Simon T. Segar, Yongsan Zeng, Bo Wang, Yan‐Qiong Peng

Abstract: Abstract Most mutualisms are exploited by parasites, which must strike an evolutionary balance between virulence and long‐term persistence. Fig‐associated nematodes, living inside figs and dispersed by fig wasps, are thought to be exploiters of the fig–fig wasp mutualism. The life history of nematodes is synchronized with the fig development and adapted to particular developmental characteristics of figs. We expect host breeding systems (monoecious vs. gynodioecious figs) and seasonality to be central to this…

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