volume 36, issue 3, P329-339 1980
DOI: 10.6009/jjrt.kj00003105523
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Abstract: The front plate matgrial Df c 早 ssette always have been used Bakeliし e cassette and Aiu畑 num cassette . Bakeltie cassette has lむw 翠 一 ray absorption but poor s ¢ reen − film con 亡 act and heavy ・ A! uminu 皿 eassette pTovides good screen 一 且lm contact but higher X − ray absorption 、 Bakelite cassette and aluminum cassette was reported by S, Sasaki . M , Nakamura and Y , Yamamoto etc . They are emphasized , frQnt plate material have direct efEeets upon image quality and patient dose . Recentry , Carbon 丘bre has …

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