volume 13, issue S334, P285-287 2017
DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317007372
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J. G. Fernández-Trincado

Abstract: AbstractWe report the discovery by APOGEE of five mildly metal-poor ([Fe/H] >−1) anomalous giant stars in the halo/disk/bulge Galaxy with abundances of C, N, and Al that are typically found in globular cluster stars (GCs, see e.g. Carretta et al. 2009a; Mészáros et al. 2015; Pancino et al. 2017; Schiavon et al. 2017a; Tang et al. 2017) and in the inner Galaxy (e.g., Schiavon et al. 2017b; Recio-Blanco et al. 2017) simultaneously with atypical abundances of Mg (Mg-poor: [Mg/Fe] < 0) never before s…

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