AVM volume 1, issue 2, P53-63 2008 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v1i2.231 View full text
Aleksandar Milovanović, Miodrag Lazarević, Danijela Kirovski, Milovan Jovičin, Tomislav Barna

Abstract: In this paper are presented the results obtained by determining antibody titar of IgA and IgG class against spermatozoal antigens and extenders for bull’s semen using the method of indirect immunofluorescence in blood sera of cows and heifers. Spermatozoids, prepared for artificial insemination, were suspended in TRIS egg yolk and herbal „Biociphos+” extender. Animals were divided in four groups according to the number of total inseminations in their life: virgin heifers; cows and heifers inseminated 1-5 times…

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