volume 73, issue 4, P553-559 2021
DOI: 10.1093/jpp/rgaa057
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Clara Azalea Berenguer-Rivas, Julio César Escalona-Arranz, Gabriel Llauradó-Maury, Anastasia Van der Auwera, Stefano Piazza, Daniel Méndez-Rodríguez, Kenn Foubert, Paul Cos, Luc Pieters

Abstract: Abstract Objective To investigate the main chemical components and the anti-inflammatory activity of extracts of Adelia ricinella L. aerial parts. Methods Three extracts obtained by soxhlet extraction and ethanol/water mixtures were evaluated in their chemical composition by UPLC-DAD-MS/MS. The in vitro anti-inflammatory activity of the prepared extracts was assessed through three different a…

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