volume 31, issue 20, P2008778 2021
DOI: 10.1002/adfm.202008778
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Xiaoyan Luo, Douglas I. Kushner, Jonathan Li, Eun Joo Park, Yu Seung Kim, Ahmet Kusoglu

Abstract: Ionomer thin‐films (i.e., 20–100 nm) on supports serve as model systems to understand ionomer‐catalyst interfacial behavior as well as the confinement‐driven deviation in properties from bulk membranes. While ionomer thin‐films have been examined for proton exchange ionomers, the thin‐film properties of anion exchange ionomers (AEIs) remain largely unexplored. More importantly, delineating the convoluted impact of chemistry and confinement on thin‐film morphology and hydration is of interest to advancing the f…

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