International Journal of Production Research volume 56, issue 23, P7085-7102 2017 DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2017.1413256 View full text
Luiz Henrique Cherri, Adriana Cristina Cherri, Maria Antónia Carravilla, José Fernando Oliveira, Franklina Maria Bragion Toledo, Andréa Carla Gonçalves Vianna

Abstract: As in many other combinatorial optimisation problems, research on nesting problems (aka irregular packing problems) has evolved around the dichotomy between continuous (time consuming) and discrete (memory consuming) representations of the solution space. Recent research has been devoting increasing attention to discrete representations for the geometric layer of nesting problems, namely in mathematical programming-based approaches. These approaches employ conventional regular meshes, and an increase in their …

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