volume 22, issue 2, P125-129 2021
DOI: 10.51791/njap.v22i2.2421
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M. O. Ebozoje, L. O Ngere, I. C Nwosu

Abstract: preweaning performance  record  of  seventy six West African dwarf (WAD) and WADX Red Sokoto (RS) half-bred kids were compared for production efficiency. Average weight at birth was 1.31±0.01kg for WAD kids and 1.44 ±0.01kg for haltbreds. At 90 days and 150 days of age, WAD kids weighed 4.87 :0.04 and 5.88±0.04kg respectively, while the Red Sokoto halfbred weighed 6.06±0.05kg at 90 days and 7.02±0.04kg at 150 days respectively. On the average, pre-weaning daily gain was 303Wday for the WAD kids and 37g/day for…

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