DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.90075
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Guido Belforte, Terenziano Raparelli, Gabriella Eula, Silvia Sirolli, Silvia Appendino, Giuliano Carlo Geminiani, Elisabetta Geda, Marina Zettin, Roberta Virgilio, Katiuscia Sacco

Abstract: The development of innovative robotic devices allows the design of exoskeletons for robotic neurorehabilitation training. This paper presents the active exoskeleton called pneumatic interactive gait rehabilitation orthosis (P.I.G.R.O.), developed by the authors. The main innovative characteristic of this prototype is its design for fully unloaded robotic neurorehabilitation training, specific for brain-injured patients. It has six degrees of freedom (DOF) in the sagittal plane, an active ankle joint (removable…

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