DOI: 10.1002/chin.200740076
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Wei Zhang,
Andrea S. Matla,
Daniel Romo

Abstract: Cyclopentane derivatives Q 0030Alkyl C-O Ring Cleavage of Bicyclic β-Lactones with Normant Reagents: Synthesis of a Merck IND Intermediate. -The reaction proceeds with inversion to give cyclopentane and cyclohexane derivatives. The amount of Grignard reagents and copper salt is highly important for the success. The method is applied to the preparation of Merck investigational new drug (IND) intermediate (XI) as precursor of an anti-HIV CCR5 antagonist. -(ZHANG, W.; MATLA, A. S.; ROMO*, D.; Org. Lett. 9 (2007)…

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