volume 10, issue 6, P1268-1280 2018
DOI: 10.18632/aging.101465
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Andrea Costantini, Nadia Viola, Antonella Berretta, Roberta Galeazzi, Giulia Matacchione, Jacopo Sabbatinelli, Gianluca Storci, Serena De Matteis, Luca Butini, Maria Rita Rippo, Antonio Domenico Procopio, Daniele Caraceni, Roberto Antonicelli, Fabiola Olivieri et al.

Abstract: Macrophage polarization is a candidate biomarker of disease-related inflammatory status, but its modulation during aging has not been investigated. To do this, the M1/M2 profile was assessed by CD80/CD163 gating in classical (CD14++CD16-), intermediate (CD14++CD16+), and non-classical (CD14lowCD16+) monocytes from 31 healthy subjects (CTRs) of different ages. Cytofluorimetric analysis showed a significantly different CD80/CD163 distribution in the three subsets, as more than 80% of classical and intermediate m…

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