DOI: 10.2514/5.9781600866562.0185.0206
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Abstract: Nomenclature F = thrust, N g = gravity constant, 9.806 m/s 2 H c = enthalpy in the chamber, J/kg #exit = enthalpy at the nozzle exit, J/kg 7 sp = specific impulse, Ibf-s/lbm or s Wdot = mass flow rate, kg/s P c = chamber pressure, Pâ exit = exit pressure, Pa R = gas constant, J/g-mol/K T c = adiabatic chamber temperature, K Wexit = propellant jet speed at the nozzle exit, m/s y = ratio of the specific heats, C P /C V AH = change in enthalpy during the expansion process, J/kg AHf = heat of formation, cal/g p =…

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