volume 15, issue 2, P367-459 2009
DOI: 10.1017/s1357321700005699
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D. Brooks, R. J. Care, M. B. Chaplin, A. M. Kaufman, K. A. Morgan, D. N. Roberts, J. M. E. Skinner, D. J. K. Huntington-Thresher, P. J. Tuley, D. L. Wong

Abstract: ABSTRACTThe draft paper sets out the authors' views of what good practice for the actuarial aspects of internal models will look like in 2012, the year Solvency II is expected to be implemented. Actuaries working on internal models can expect to have to follow such practices if their internal models are to be approved for use in calculating regulatory capital. The paper is therefore relevant for actuaries who plan to work on internal model implementation for Solvency II.Moreover, the risk quantification techni…

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