volume 36, issue 1, P1-27 2008
DOI: 10.1016/j.wocn.2007.07.001
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Noël Nguyen, Zsuzsanna Fagyal

Abstract: AbstractThis paper examines acoustic aspects of vowel harmony (VH), understood as regressive vowel-tovowel assimilation, in two regional varieties of French in six speakers' productions of 107 disyllabic word pairs. In each word pair, the word-initial vowel (V1) was phonemically either /e/ or /o/, and the word-final stressed vowel (V2) alternated between /e-E/, /ø-oe/, /o-O/ or /i-a/. Results are consistent with the idea that VH in French entails variations in tongue height along with related displacements of…

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