volume 38, issue 16, P3541-3550 2004
DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2004.05.005
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D. Li, T. Yuranova, P. Albers, J. Kiwi

Abstract: This study addresses the photobleaching (discoloration) and total organic carbon (TOC) reduction of the non-biodegradable azo-dye Orange II with H(5)FeW(12)O(40) in homogeneous solution and on H(5)FeW(12)O(40)/silica-structured fabrics in heterogeneous processes. The H(5)FeW(12)O(40)/silica fabric is able to catalyze Orange II bleaching only under light irradiation. In the dark, long-lived intermediates produced in solution were observed to preclude further degradation. The most efficient polytungstate was sel…

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