MRS Proc. 1998 DOI: 10.1557/proc-551-219 View full text
S.C. Glade, D.S. Lee, R. Wunderlich, W.L. Johnson

Abstract: An AC modulation calorimetry (ACMC) experiment was performed on two bulk metallic glass forming alloys, Ti 34 Zr 1 lCU 47 Ni 8 (VIT 101) and Zr 57 Nb 5 Ni 1 . 6 A1 1 0 Cu 1 5.4(VIT 106) on the recent MSL-l shuttle flight using the TEMPUS hardware. VIT 106 exhibited a maximum undercooling of 140 K in free radiative cooling, while VIT 101 exhibited a smaller undercooling of 50 K. Specific heat measurements were done in both the stable and undercooled liquid regions. These results will be combined with further g…

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