volume 13, issue S334, P337-338 2017
DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317007189
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T. Matsuno, W. Aoki, T. C. Beers, Y. S. Lee, S. Honda

Abstract: AbstractWe report the results of abundance analysis for high-resolution spectra of eight extremely metal-poor turn-off stars selected from SDSS/SEGUE. Based on differential analysis adopting stellar parameters from Balmer line profiles, we obtain the following results: i) Statistically significant scatter is found in [X/Fe] (X=Na, Mg, Cr, Ti, Sr and Ba), among which [Na/Fe] shows an apparent bimodal distribution, ii) Li abundances are ~0.3 dex lower in [Fe/H]<−3.5 than the Spite plateau value without si…

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