volume 29, issue 6, P795-798 1996
DOI: 10.1016/0021-9290(95)00141-7
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Abstract: A three-dimensional, two-part model of the foot, for use in a simulation of human gait, is presented. Previous simulations of gait have not included the foot segment (e.g. Siegler et al., 1982, J. Biomechanics 15, 415-425) or have fastened it to the ground (e.g. Onyshko and Winter, 1980, J. Biomechanics 13, 361-368). A foot model based on viscoelastic elements (e.g. Meglan, 1991, Ph.D. thesis, Ohio State Univ.), allows more freedom of movement and thus models the physical system more closely. The current model…

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