DOI: 10.7860/jcdr/2020/44790.14303
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Sonali Prakash Kolhekar, Anjali Subhash Alone, Supriyarani Subhash Bendle, Akanksha Satish Bhasme, Rajeshwari Sanjay Bhoge, Kalyani Bhoyar

Abstract: Introduction: Jigsaw Reading Technique is one kind of cooperative learning strategy which allows dividing the students in a group to improve reading skills by giving tasks (like reading paragraph) to them. In Jigsaw learning method, students are assigned to a small group that composes different level of skills like a piece of Jigsaw puzzle. Aim: To determine the effectiveness of the Jigsaw Reading Technique in improving reading skills among high school children. Materials and Methods: The interventional stud…

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