volume 32, issue 9, P263-264 1900
DOI: 10.4039/ent32263-9
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G. H. French

Abstract: Fig. 24.-Transection of appendage of eighth abdominal spiracle. , 21.-Lateral view of abdominal spiracle (r-7) covered with epithelial cells. 'r 26.-1)orsal aspect eighth abdominal spiracle. rr z7.-Ventral r , rr l " 28.-Third, fourth and fifth abdominal spiracles of pupa of Octotoma plicatu/a. " 29.-Fifth abdominal spiracle of same. ,Gastrop/t ilus ep i /ep salis, n. sp.Larva. Length, r-rz inch; of the shape sho.r.r,n in the accompany_ ing figure (Fig' 3o), with twelve joints besides the head, or thirteen lo…

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