volume 16, issue 2, P151-158 1994
DOI: 10.1016/0141-0229(94)90078-7
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Gianna Palmieri, Paola Giardina, Bianca Desiderio, Liberato Marzullo, Marta Giamberini, Giovanni Sannia

Abstract: A new procedure was developed for enzyme immobilization by entrapment in copper alginate gel. The mechanical properties of the copper alginate gel were characterized and compared with those of the most widely used calcium alginate. The system was applied to the immobilization of a fungal phenol oxidase. Optimal conditions for enzyme immobilization were set up: the system immobilized 85% of the enzyme, and the remaining 15% was recovered in the aqueous immobilization medium. The stability and activity of the im…

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