J. Neurosci. Res. volume 87, issue 4, P906-917 2009 DOI: 10.1002/jnr.21906 View full text
Y. Inokuchi, M. Shimazawa, Y. Nakajima, I. Komuro, T. Matsuda, A. Baba, M. Araie, S. Kita, T. Iwamoto, H. Hara

Abstract: We investigated the expression of Na(+)/Ca(2+) exchanger (NCX) and the functional role of NCX in retinal damage by using NCX1-heterozygous deficient mice (NCX1(+/-)) and SEA0400 (2-[4-[(2,5-difluorophenyl)methoxy] phenoxy]-5-ethoxyaniline), a selective NCX inhibitor in vivo. We also examined the role of NCX in oxygen-glucose deprivation (OGD) stress with a retinal ganglion cell line (RGC-5) cell culture in vitro. The expression of NCX1 was confirmed and entirely localized in retina by immunoblotting and immuno…

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