volume 192, issue 5, P2035-2041 2014
DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1301371
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Michael W. Handlogten, Ana P. Serezani, Anthony L. Sinn, Karen E. Pollok, Mark H. Kaplan, Basar Bilgicer

Abstract: Current treatments for allergies include epinephrine and anti-histamines which treat the symptoms after an allergic response has taken place, steroids that result in local and systemic immune suppression and IgE-depleting therapies which can only be used for a narrow range of clinical IgE titers. The limitations of current treatments motivated the design of a heterobivalent inhibitor (HBI) of IgE-mediated allergic responses that selectively inhibits allergen-IgE interactions, thereby preventing IgE clustering…

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