DOI: 10.1016/j.wnsx.2019.100010
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Andrew F. Alalade, Elizabeth Ogando-Rivas, Jonathan Forbes, Malte Ottenhausen, Rafael Uribe-Cardenas, Ibrahim Hussain, Prakash Nair, Kurt Lehner, Harminder Singh, Ashutosh Kacker, Vijay K. Anand, Roger Hartl, Ali Baaj, Theodore H. Schwartz et al.

Abstract: Background Ventral brainstem compression secondary to complex craniovertebral junction abnormality is an infrequent cause of neurologic deterioration in pediatric patients. However, in cases of symptomatic, irreducible ventral compression, 360° decompression of the brainstem supported by posterior stabilization may provide the best opportunity for improvement in symptoms. More recently, the endoscopic endonasal corridor has been proposed as an alternative method of odontoidectomy associated with l…

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