volume 48, issue 4, P483-492 2007
DOI: 10.1002/jctb.280480409
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Abstract: Abstract The thermolyses of various homoallylic alcohols, which are prepared from 1‐alken‐4‐ones (B) by Grignard reaction or reduction, afforded unsymmetrical ketones or aliphatic aldehydes in good yields. For example, the reaction of methylmagnesium iodide with 1‐nonen‐4‐one (1) gave 4‐methyl‐1‐nonen‐4‐ol (2) in 87% yield. The thermolysis of (2) at the temperature of 753 K gave 2‐heptanone (3) in 92% yield. By use of this method, we obtained a variety of 1‐alken‐5‐ones (J) which can be used as important inte…

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