volume 10, issue 5, Pe184 2015
DOI: 10.1016/j.clnesp.2015.03.020
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K. Riches, Y.M. Jeanes

Abstract: meet the standard for nutritionally well (mean difference¼-164kcal/d, p<0.05). Protein provision exceeded the standard for nutritionally well (+8g/d, NS), but NSP provision did not (-5g/d, p<.001). Total fluid provision was in excess of the standard (+1166ml, p<.001) with beverages providing 867 ± 27 ml (32.5 %) and water from jugs providing 1798 ± 20 ml (67.5 %) of fluid. The nutrient amounts provided at each eating occasion, with the exception for breakfast, were not in line with standards (5) with snacks pr…

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