volume 32, issue 3, P268 2021
DOI: 10.1111/vde.12961
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Teresa M.S.A. Boehm, Sonya Bettenay, Wolf Bomhard, Monir Majzoub‐Altweck, Christoph J. Klinger, Ralf S. Mueller

Abstract: Background -This article describes a case of multiple, recurrent, cutaneous inverted papillomas (CIPs) in a German shepherd dog, combined with a retrospective follow-up assessment of eight cases.Methods -A 3-year-old, black, female German shepherd dog presented with four rapidly growing, alopecic, domed, hyperpigmented, shiny nodules, compatible with CIP. The dog was managed for pruritus, associated with atopic dermatitis, with long-term prednisolone therapy and this therapy was continued after the surgical ex…

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