volume 66, issue 5, P3198-3205 1992
DOI: 10.1128/jvi.66.5.3198-3205.1992
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M Brown, H L Wilson-Friesen, F Doane

Abstract: The fastidious enteric adenovirus (FEAd) types 40 (Ad4O) and 41 (Ad4l) are found in stool specimens of infants and young children in association with gastroenteritis. Although they can be isolated routinely from clinical specimens by using 293 cells, they are propagated with variable success in cell lines which support the replication of other adenovirus serotypes. HeLa cells are generally considered to be nonpermissive for the replication of FEAds, but in this study, Ad4O and Ad4l grew to comparable titers in…

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