volume 55, issue 3, P819-832 1990
DOI: 10.1135/cccc19900819
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Abstract: 9,10-Dihydroergopeptines modified in position 6 (VII-XXIII) were prepared from 9,10-dihydroergotamine (I) and 9,10-dihydroergocristine (II) which were converted via corresponding 6-demethyl-6-cyano compounds III and IV to 6-demethyl-9,10-dihydroergotamine (V) or 6-demethyl-9,10-dihydroergocristine (VI), respectively, which were then alkylated or acylated in position 6. Methylation of 6-demethyl-6-propyl compounds VIII and IX on N1 gave 1-methyl-6-demethyl-6-propyl-9,10-dihydroergotamine (XXIV) and 1-methyl-6-d…

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