volume 23, issue 2, P100-105 2017
DOI: 10.17986/blm.2017331583
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Halil İlhan Aydoğdu, Mehmet Askay, Güven Seçkin Kırcı, Erdal Özer

Abstract: Results: A total of 108 cases were evaluated in the age range of 18-64 years. According to the anamnesis taken, the medical records examined, the tests applied and the psychological status examination, the decisions given were that 56 (51.9%) were restricted in the context of item 405 TMK (Turkish Civil Code), 3 (2.8%) could be restricted on request in the context of item 408 TMK, 11 (10.2%) could be taken into custody in situations determined as threatening him/herself or his/her family with hardship or pove…

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