DOI: 10.5123/s1679-49742018000200003
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Abstract: 65.843 cases were analyzed; the median interval between diagnosis and treatment was 59 days; the percentage of advanced staging increased, annual percent change 1.10% (95%CI 0.80;1.50); women with higher education (compared to unlettered) had less odds of late stage diagnosis (OR=0.38; 95%CI 0.31;0.47); among indigenous (OR=2.38; 95%CI 1.06;5.33) and black women (OR=1.16; 95%CI 1.02;1.31), compared to white, and in the North region (OR=2.55; 95%CI 2.26;2.89), compared to the Southeast, the odds was higher; oth…

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