volume 16, issue 1, P93-105 2015
DOI: 10.1590/s1519-99402015000100011
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Abstract: <p>Forty-nine male calves were allotted in a randomized design, being that initially were performed seven replicates per treatment. At the end of the experiment were slaughtered four animals per treatment. The treatments were designed as following: CONT: control diet; DC120: Dicalcium Phosphate 120:1 ratio P: F; MDCP60: Monodicalcium Phosphate 60:1 ratio P: F; DC30: Dicalcium Phosphate 30:1 ratio P: F; TSP30: Triple Superphosphate 30:1 ratio P: F; DC10: Dicalcium Phosphate 10:1 ratio P: F; PRC10: phospha…

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