volume 41, issue 3, P649-667 2010
DOI: 10.1590/s1517-83822010000300016
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Abstract: ABSTRACTMost of our knowledge about pollutants and the way they are biodegraded in the environment has previously been shaped by laboratory studies using hydrocarbon-degrading bacterial strains isolated from polluted sites. In present study Gram-positive (Mycobacterium sp. IBB Po1 , Oerskovia sp. IBB Po2 , Corynebacterium sp. IBB Po3 ) and Gram-negative (Chryseomonas sp. IBB Po7 , Pseudomonas sp. IBB Po10 , Burkholderia sp. IBB Po12 ) bacteria, isolated from oily sludge, were found to be able to tolerate pure…

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