volume 14, issue 6, P606-612 2010
DOI: 10.1590/s1413-86702010000600010
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Wander Rogério Pavanelli, Fredy Roberto Salazar Gutierrez, Jean Jerley Nogueira da Silva, Ivete Conchon Costa, Maria Claudia Noronha Dutra de Menezes, Francisco José de Abreu Oliveira, Eiko Nakagawa Itano, Maria Angélica Ehara Watanabe

Abstract: ABSTRACTNitric oxide (NO) is a free radical synthesized from L-arginine by different isoforms NO-synthases. NO possesses multiple and complex biological functions. NO is an important mediator of homeostasis, and changes in its generation or actions can contribute or not to pathological states. The knowledge of effects of NO has been not only important to our understanding of immune response, but also to new tools for research and treatment of various diseases. Knowing the importance of NO as infl ammatory med…

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