volume 63, issue 5, P471-474 2006
DOI: 10.1590/s0103-90162006000500008
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Abstract: ABSTRACT: The pepper species C. chinense has been considered one of the most important resistance sources to powdery mildew Capsicum spp. However, the inheritance in this species was unknown. The purpose of this work was to study its reaction inheritance. Two powdery mildew resistant parents, 'Pimenta Cheiro' 1 and PI 152225 and two moderately susceptible ones, 'Pimenta Doce' IH-1761 and 'Pimenta Índio', were used to obtain three F 1 and their respective F 2 generations: 'Pimenta Doce' IH-1761 × 'Pimenta Chei…

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