volume 30, issue 1, P73-79 2015
DOI: 10.1590/s0102-86502015001000010
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Hugo Muscelli Alecrim, Sérgio Andurte Carvalho Duarte, Maria Eduarda Bonavides Amaral, Filipe Diógenis, Fabiana Pirani Carneiro, João Batista de Sousa

Abstract: Intellectual and scientific content of the study, designed the protocol, provided guidelines for the surgical interventions, supervised all phases of the study, manuscript writing, critical revision. ABSTRACT PURPOSE:To evaluate the influence of glutamine and obstructive jaundice on left colon healing in rats. METHODS:Sixteen male rats were allocated across four groups: LG -Common bile duct ligation followed by colotomy and bowel suture on postoperative day 7. Supplementation with glutamine 2% from day 4 afte…

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