volume 36, issue 7, P657-664 2016
DOI: 10.1590/s0100-736x2016000700017
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Abstract: ABSTRACT.-Souza W.L., Moraes E.A., Costa J.M.S., Souza P.H.F., Lopes Junior E.S., Oliveira R. The aim was to evaluate the effect of adding different concentrations of melatonin in ram semen diluted after cryopreservation. Ten ejaculates were collected0 from three adult ram (n=30) by means of artificial vagina for sheep. The collected samples were diluted in Tris-egg yolk, to a final concentration 200x10 6 sptz/mL kept in water bath at 32°C, and melatonin added as treatments: control; 100pM; 100nM; 100μM and 1…

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