volume 33, issue 8, P1658-1663 2010
DOI: 10.1590/s0100-40422010000800008
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Abstract: Recebido em 29/10/09; aceito em 20/5/10; publicado na web em 17/9/10 STABILITY OF BIOGENIC SILICA EXTRACT OF JARAGUÁ GRASS (Hyparrhenia rufa) IN NaOH SOLUTION. Biogenic silica is used to describe compounds of hydrated silica (SiO 2 .nH 2 O), with specific shapes and sizes, deposited in plants. The chemical composition of biogenic silica and its stability in Jaraguá grass was studied in increasing concentration of NaOH. The analytical results demonstrated high concentration of Si, Al, Fe, Mg, P and low of Cu, …

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