volume 22, issue 3, P214-221 1970
DOI: 10.1111/j.2042-7158.1970.tb08500.x
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Abstract: The previously reported high rates of acetylcholinesterase‐catalysed hydrolysis of (±)‐cis‐ and (±)‐trans‐2‐dimethylaminocyclohexyl acetate methiodide (Baldridge, McCarville & Friess, 1955) have been re‐investigated, the enantiomers of each geometrical isomer being used. The cis‐enantiomers were inactive as substrates and the trans‐enantiomers were hydrolysed at a very slow rate. These results are confirmed by studies on muscarinic tissue (guinea‐pig ileum) in which only a weak stimulatory response was given …

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