volume 2, issue 2, P173-183 2018
DOI: 10.25136/2409-8698.2018.2.25814
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Баликоева Марта Ибрагимовна

Abstract: Все права принадлежат издательству © NOTA BENE (ООО «НБ-Медиа») www.nbpublish.com 9 ТРЕНДЫ ЭКОНОМИЧЕСКОГО РАЗВИТИЯ СОВРЕМЕННОГО МИРА Ф.Ф. Штибляр BALKANS -GROWTH, STABILITY, THE IMPACT OF FINANCIAL CRISIS AND INTEGRATION TO THE WORLDАннотация: Balkan peninsula is treated as a special case: as powder keg of Europe and the term "balkanization" has negative connotation. Events of last twenty years did not disappoint such terminology, both within Balkan and outside. There was collapse of socialist economies, disin…

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