scite Community Guidelines

Welcome to scite!🙋 We are all about making science more reliable and have created a pretty useful tool (we think) that classifies citation contexts to achieve this! But scite is not something that exists in a vacuum - we want it to be used by professors, PhD students, journalists, policy makers, business leaders, and basically anyone who is interested. scite users have all sorts of backgrounds and form a network of experts across different fields.

You can contribute to scite by commenting and flagging citation snippets (we call them “scites”) and engaging with other users in discussions.

scite encourages [inclusive, respectful, evidence-based, open-minded] debate!đź‘Ť

A word on discussions: In our mission to make research more reliable we will potentially disagree with one another (if solutions were all so evident: we would have long fixed things!). So, if you get into a debate with someone: good - that means we are on the right track! These discussions often entail topics that we all personally care a lot about and will passionately defend. Make sure to respond to content, not to the tone of criticism or question. In fact, scite helps you build stronger arguments by making evidence findable. At scite we lead with facts not feelings.

scite doesn’t need👎: [aka: simple rules to follow at scite]

1. Bullying and harassment

We do not tolerate bullying or harassment. This means any violence, habitual badgering, intimidation, abusive or threatening writing that expresses prejudice targeted at a specific person or group of people.

2. Sexually obscene content

Basically, don’t post pornography. We recognize that sexuality is a part of life and while we encourage discussions on science on ponography, we ask you to not post pornography.

3. Impersonation

Don’t pretend you are someone that you are not by copying another person’s avatar, posting content under their email address, using a similar username or otherwise posing as someone else.

4. Doxxing and invasion of privacy

Don’t post other people’s personal information.

5. Advertising

Don’t advertise or self-promote services or products. scite is not a place for advertorials!

6. Infringement of copyright and plagiarism

Don’t post anything without having the right to reproduce. Fair use: fine. Copyright infringement: no. Also, don’t plagiarise. If you have taken it from somewhere else: label it as such and quote whenever appropriate.

If you don’t follow these simple rules:

There are a variety of actions that we may take when a user reports inappropriate behavior or content. scite reserves the right to terminate accounts and remove content at its discretion for violating these rules as set out in our Terms of Service.

How to report:

If you believe you’re experiencing unacceptable behavior that will not be tolerated as outlined above, please send us an email at!

After receiving a concise description of your situation, scite staff will review and determine next steps. If you feel you have been unfairly accused of violating these guidelines, please follow the same reporting process.

We publish these Community Guidelines under CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0 license are only guidelines; they do not modify our Terms of Service and are not intended to be a complete list. scite retains full discretion under the Terms of Service to remove any content or terminate any accounts for activity that violates our Terms of Service