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What does the scientific literature say about ________?

Search 900M citation statements extracted from 26M full-text scientific articles

Mon Aug 23 2021

Scientific research is arguably one of humankind’s most important endeavors, informing nearly all aspects of our lives. However, this information is often hard to access and understand. What if we could ask the scientific literature questions like, what is the rate of hypertension in the Rohingya population? What adverse events have been reported for the cancer treatment bevacizumab? Or how does Peppa Pig influence children’s social skills? Traditional academic search engines like PubMed allow you to search for titles and abstracts giving you good leads on potential answers to these questions. However, you still have to dig through many papers to find the exact information you need. Google Scholar offers a full-text search but only returns fragmented sentences intended to show you how the search matched the finding not to be read and understood, again requiring you to dig through many papers. What if there was a way to see what the scientific literature says about any topic directly? What if there was a way to get short, concise, expert viewpoints on any topic backed by evidence, analyses, and peer review?

Today, we are happy to announce Citation Statement Search, a new and different way to search scientific publications. Citation Statement Search allows you to search 900M citation statements extracted from 26M full-text scientific articles. This makes it easy to find the exact information you are looking for very quickly and to see a variety of expert findings and analyses on your topic.

For example, suppose you are a student that has been assigned an essay on Ego Depletion, the idea that willpower is a resource that can be depleted. With Citation Statement Search you can immediately find thousands of discussion points on the topic, including studies that call the findings into question as well as the original papers making the claims.

In another example, say you are trying to find more information about a specific health concern or treatment that a loved one might be facing? Many might browse the web and potentially find some information from WebMD or elsewhere, but how do you know it is reliable? How can you discern clickbait from actual evidence? With Citation Statement search, you search the literature directly to find peer-reviewed, evidence-based analyses directly from the publications themselves.

The fantastic thing about this is that you can find information ranging from Peppa Pig to prostate cancer because of the diversity of research.

So, what would you like to ask the scientific literature?