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scite digest

Wed Mar 30 2022

We put a lot of time and effort into our research. We spend years reading, discussing, and tracking the literature, making sure we cite and discuss relevant work and are asking the right questions. While various tools offer researchers a way of looking at the impact of their research, typically by showing the total number of citations their articles have received and other metrics such as the h-index, most do not show information reflecting our behavior as authors. What percentage of citations do I make to my own papers? How many preprints versus peer-reviewed reports am I citing? Do I cite more open access articles than subscription-based articles? These questions and others like it might be implicitly understood by authors but in the aggregate are largely unclear.

Today we are happy to announce the launch of scite digest, a new way to visualize and share key metrics about your work as a published author. scite digest takes inspiration from Spotify Wrapped, an annual initiative from Spotify that allows music listeners to better understand their listening patterns and to share this information socially. scite digest shows authors various metrics about their publications, including the percentage of open access articles they have published, the number of citations they have received and made to preprints, their self-citation rate, which journals they have published the most in, which subjects their articles are under, and other various informative and fun metrics about their writing behavior.

These metrics are not intended to be used for evaluation purposes and are up to the author to choose to share or not. To see your scite digest, sign up at and claim your papers. If you do share your profile, tag us at #scitedigest!

Here are a few examples of the screens you'll see: