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10 Words or Phrases You Wouldn’t Expect to Be Published in Academic Journals

Academics like to have fun too.

Mon Nov 22 2021

Research is amazing. It covers nearly all aspects of our lives, ranging from how Peppa pig can influence child development to how specific treatments affect prostate cancer.

scite aims to analyze all research publications and organize them to show you how research documents talk to one another. We want to transform superficial citation metrics into rich “conversations” so that you can easily see what the literature says about nearly any topic, paper, or person, and so that decisions can be based on evidence and analyses, not hype and spin.

This post highlights various phrases or words you might not expect to find in the academic literature, highlighting just how diverse the literature is.

1. Deadass

2. Poopy

3. Unfuck

4. Cute Puppy

5. Dinosaur Poop

6. "Donuts with sprinkles are tasty"

7. Butthead

8. Wazzup

9. Nincompoop

10. Bazinga